Our braces of 4Army group was created for active people. They are anatomic-shaped, military colour and increased durability. All 4Army braces are 1st class medical devices that protect and support your joints in extreme conditions.


4Army-SL-05 elbow protector is anatomic-shaped device made of durable textile called ActivPren™ that is high-strength, soft and elastic that provides great upper limb compression.


ActivPren™ is made of perforated neoprene foam with polyamide cover. This external layer is covered by moro camouflage. Perforation and AirSupplySystem support the elbow and forearm and allows skin to breath.

Our upper limb brace isn’t knitted so there’s impossible to make corn on the skin during high compression.


4Army-SL-05 elbow brace is anatomic-shaped with double-layered construction.

The elbow brace is equipped with special elbow protector that protects the bones and soft tissues against the bruising and other contusions.

Our elbow brace 4Army-SL-05 provides excellent compression and increases the blood circulation. It ventilates the upper limb muscles that makes their effectiveness.

Airy and durable textile and firm elbow protector allow to use the brace even in extreme condition.

Purpose of use

  • elbow stress and strain
  • elbow contusions
  • forearm and elbow muscles stress and inflammation
  • elbow dislocation
  • UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) injury

Available sizes

Size Arm circumference 6 cm above the elbow pit How to measure
S 26 – 27 cm How to measure
M 27,5 – 28 cm
L 28,5 – 30 cm
XL 30,5 – 32 cm
2XL 32,5 – 35 cm

Fits for both arms.
Total length of the product:
S – 2XL:28 cm