Back pain and musculoskeletal injuries are the most common conditions among soldiers. High physical activity and increased load on spinal discs leads to intervertebral compression and degenerations. It may result in nerves compression and neurological symptoms.

Our military back brace 4ARMY-TX-02 absorbs some of the stress placed on the spine while carrying heavy loads and during high physical activity.

4ARMY-TX-02 back brace is anatomic-shaped device made of durable textile called ProFit™ that is high-strength, soft and elastic that provides great trunk compression.


ProFit™ is a double-layer fabric that is elastic in all directions and fits to limb precisely. The external side is made of spandex providing excellent compression and absorbs muscle shocks in physical activity. The internal side consists of microfibre, cotton and elastane what makes it skin-friendly, breathable and provides velvet softness. ProFit™ is friendly and neutral for the skin and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. In some products this material can have an internal elastic cotton layer.

The tightening belts are made of AirRubber™.

AirRubber™ has unidirectional elasticity and it’s breathable. This lamination is perforated. Between the braids air flows freely and skin can breathe. In addition in high compression, these rubber braids provide a gentle massage for skin. Our orthopedic rubber is very friendly for skin.

Military back brace 4ARMY-TX-02 is slightly elastic product designed to absorb some of the stress placed on the spine while carrying heavy loads, jumping or running. It applies high-level, intracavitary compression thereby decreasing the load on spinal discs.

decreasing the load on spinal discs

What’s more, aluminum anatomic shaped splints located in the back panel, reduce the external forces and support spinal muscles and other tissues.


Our back military brace 4ARMY-TX-02 is anatomic-shaped with firm construction. Airy and durable textile allows to use it even in extreme conditions.


Purpose of use

  • lower back pain
  • lower back injuries/stressed fractures
  • lower back strain/sprain
  • poor posture
  • arthritis
  • herniated disk
  • sciatica
  • after surgeries

Available sizes

Size Waist circumference How to measure
S 65 – 75 cm
M 75,5 – 85 cm
L 85,5 – 97 cm
XL 97,5 – 110 cm
2XL 110,5 – 125 cm
3XL 125,5 – 145 cm
4XL 145,5 – 155 cm

Total height of the product:
S – 4XL : 20 cm
S – 4XL : 30 cm




Pelota termoformowana AM-PT

Pelota termoformowana AM-PT


CE MD Class I medical device in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017 on medical devices.